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hugo vogel (hugo altcountry. nl) w Myspace Brak nowych aktualizacji w tej kategorii. Hey Hugo, we just wanted to pop by and wish you a happy birthday.

la mega vacilon de manolo

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    Listen to some of the tracks on my profile!

    You can also buy the CD here http://www. centaurrecords. com? CRCs=3008 , and here on Itunes, http://itunes. apple. com/us/album/three-suites-for-guitar/id336151531.

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    All the Best from Montreal.

    Your friend, Eric. Hello James, How have you been? I wish you a wonderful and adventurous 2010. All the best, Jonas Started this site to differentiate these "intuitive" electroacoustic works from the written-out compositions on my other MySpace site (www.

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    myspace. com/jrossorch).

    There's more biographical information over there if you're interested. Don't suppose it's really necessary to have two sites, or to divide the music into categories.

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    Mostly, I just wanted to be able to share more music.

    Video of New York performance of "Wash," for bowed electric guitar and electronics, that was broadcast live via Internet to the 9th Korea Experimental Arts Festival in Seoul on 7/28/10.

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